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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. good morning. a first look at traffic and weather. it is the last full week of october, that means thanksgiving is in a month. it will be up to about 69. by the time you come home from work, we will have the light showers in the area. >> take it away. >> next monday will be the 31st. hello, good morning. if you are heading out this morning, one issue that popped up, a disabled vehicle, it is on 83 north bound, blocking a lane and not a delay at the time. the west side is still looking good near old court road and
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heading out on 83, no problems because of that disabled vehicle. click on any time for traffic reports on our web site. here is what people will be talking about this morning, the jury selecting of a woman's murder in downtown in a clothing store. we have more on the clothing murder. the attorneys missed the led line for the insanity defense and will head to court with the evidence stackedd up against them. >> the murder inside this up scale chotting store devastated the family and frightend her family. she said she and the other worker were taken and auctioned, but then a few weeks later, they told her mom about
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the arrest. thank tabooed! when he said ho it was, it was hard to some prehenned. >> that story was all a lie, thinking that she accused her from stealing from the store and she was attacked. they plan to show the jury the phone calm attention and her only guilt is if she is not criminally responsible. -- the defense passed the deadline to file for insanity and they will come face-to-face with her at trial. >> it is horrible for us and could not be easy for them. >> of all the steps of grieves,
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i have not left anger. if i could say anything to her, it would be why. the prosecution is seek ago life suspects for her. >> that trial is expected to last eight days. a man is behind bars, charged with the murder. the washington police arrested the 20-year-old after he was founds dead in his cab in the morning there. investigators think robbery was the motive. an incident happen saturday night after the southwest airlines plan landed from orlando, but no one was hurt in the accident in the end. the price prices were expected to fall, but they are foing pack up. the national average wept up
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about 50% in the last few we cans and we can expect that trend to continue. >> the regular price for a gallon of regular -- . the president will head out west and look for ways to help the economy and new rules to encourage new home refinancing and changes in the school lents. that will include nevada, california and florida minor on his trip. >> the white house sent a letter, requesting a debris op that. over two dozen people whether
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killed, including a man from maryland. an engineer left new zealand last night, taken from the south pole after she had vision and language and memory problems. she should be be here until thirst authurs. -- thursday -- the world series is tied pack up again. the rangers started early and hamilton hit an r p i early. r.b.i. it is a purple monday as the ravens get ready for the monday night football. here is a preview -- >> good morning, a growing sense that the ravens could be a super bowl team again this year and if they win at
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jacksonville tonight, baltimore will have a five-one record, a first for the raches since that championship season. ray lewis is the last remaining from that super bowl team still playing for the ravens and he will face the line backer coach, the head coach for the jags. he keeps a picture of that super bowl team in his office in jacksonville and he and lewis admire each other. when you have that with each other, what he brings to the game every single day, the intensity, that separates people. >> that is -- his appetite just to be great and pay the price
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to be great and demand it from the others around him. >> another jag's connection, the safety that signed with jacksonville as a free agent before this season. the ravens should take care of business tonight. the top defense will be in jack sonville and that could be a nightmare for the rookie quarterback and they are seven and eight all time under the monday nights. three and two since john hard ball has been the coach -- see the game tonight on 13. the special coverage will start at 8:00. >> let's hear the music and look at the forecast --
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. it is clear. thousands in north central florida for the game. thousands. 70 is the game-time temperature. it will be different, more is a look at the forecast and the high temperature. by evening, should have some showers moving over the area. it is sure good to be back! >> i did see ron. >> but i did not speak. >> you did not. that is tough to do at a raven's game. >> i had my son speaking for me and diswraik is off the wall
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and he would answer them back with an answer that they did not expect. (laughs). for those that just joined us, my gallbladder and i got a divorce three days back and it was three hours and i was under with help breathing and that played havoc with my vocal cords, but upset the other situation that i have just a bowsd my vocal cords for the last -- how old am i? >> smoking three packs of snrets for 20 years, that ended some time back. just screaming and yelling and having fun, but it has taken an extra woke to get my pipes blowing. i don't know what is better,
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monday night moble or man knick monday. >> maybe you needed to call a plumber. >> i am glad i don't have a voice to use them on. >> that sounded great! a fabulous group, making my job easy, ladies and gentlemen, it is the kid's peace. we are rolling on. ,,,,,,,, ♪ the rich aroma gets you up
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. the temperatures, here is the 50s. some clouds around the area today. the clouds will pile in and as we move through the day, overcast with showers in the evening. wops you get the front in the area, the high pressure to the south that will take over and a pretty nice week end. some showers. overnight, showers and cheering and the temperatures in the upper 60s by wednesday. we will get to 70 and the mid 60s on thursday. in weeks weekend, on friday and saturday. take it away -- here is the lock from traffic control -- >> good morning. we have had some new problems, watch for that on church lane,
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the dough prees walking the center mark. we still have that disabled vehicle and no real delays on the beltway. down to 53 miles per hour on the beltway. there is a live look outside. that is looking if and a look at the east side, this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. now it is time to see what you can save when you buy right. we have got to let people in on the fact that i had gallbladder surgery and i was
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on pain medicine. am i having a flash back or is there a pink pig over there. >> it is the pig! thank you! >> you might have one coming on if you could only hope. >> i thought it was something kicking in, but i did not know what. >> we have everybody, i'm not selling you. -- great to see you finance man knick -- man knick monday. >> i have some quick announcements to make, four wokes from today, the 13 t annual melt down.
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invites this week. you will enjoy. i was fortunate enough to be at the dedication to the statue on saturday and it was a wonderful event and they were terrific and the great friend that was the short stop for the team was there and his brand daughter sang the national anthem. she was great. let's look back at our group, kid's peace. . tell us about this program,
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kid's peace. >> you have a big event coming up? >> a big event. we have a party on friday night in the square and on saturday, we have our second annual trick or trot. you cannot miss us, we are going to be in the center of that. >> what is your web add increase. >> they will be there at the party and the ways when i did the maryland food break the food trive, done can tell you, i was there with another team member and they were just awesome. . ladies and gentlemen, look who is back!
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>> good morning! welcome back -- i met one of your nurses at an event i was foing to and now i understand why you were in the hospital so long. >> nothing wrong with that! >> (laughs). just a second, i know we have an early start on halloween, thank you, very much. luther, let's here those magic words. >> all right. it is man knick morning here, kid's peace, good had luck with the event this weekend. >> stand by --
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. we want to invite you back. we are finishing up this calendar year, make sure that the pig comes back, that was great. >> all right, we want you back to the forecast and i went down and saw the statue, we are not able to foe to the campus, but we had that art work that will
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greet people that come in from the north side. the greatest third base man of all time, john instead man. >> what a tremendous addition! >> henry and don should be comendd for micking this happen and the great artist, he did such a great job on the sculpture. >> words do not really am to see what they are expecting. you can rub the right foot as
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you heat by her. blaf ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. not a bad start, the showers in the mid 40s. up to a hot temperature, around 69 or 70. not a bad day. the so many start to the last week of october. here is a lock at get it to go and good morning. heading out, the comboing is slow on the west side. there is a center lane blocked, that is in the area of this without issues. there are dough lays growing by the minute. that 40 miles per hour with
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average. the east side is looking better. more on your toyota dealer. why is it the time to make the jump. back to you. in the top of the news, rescue workers are looking for survivors from the earthquake yesterday, over 230 people have been killed. here is the latest on that. >> rescue crews pulled this man out alive after hocking for any inof life. a seven-point $2 quake hit the area and flattend buildings and the panics residents hit the streets. hundreds are said to be dead, but with an unknown amount of people trapped, there is a fear it could get up to a thousand.
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this man said it is really bad and many friends are trappedtroked and we have not heard from them and this wonk boy was opiniond under the concrete and they worked all night to prehim. after the quake, the president pledged to help and the prime minister of turf e said he is thankful for the offer, but has turned down help from the other countries. >> there was a meeting with the residents that were near the fire trying to stay barm. troke -- warm. they are setting up kitchens to help those that were left homeless.
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. there is more on the local freelance journalists that was in jail. he will soon come home. >> he wants to come home and he spoke about that two hours back, but he has some unfinished business. he did not give his mother a time line, but he could be back by next month. a woman murdered in montgomery county is waiting for the jury selection and here we are with more on the lemon murder. good morning. the attorneys for the woman have missed a a dead lipe for insanity and will go to court
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with the evidence against them reporter: this murder in this up scale clothing store and the woman said she was attacked by two masked mens. we tholed -- the story was all a lie and they think that she attacked the co-worker after she was glad to see this. the legal expert, the evidence is very strong for the state as it appears and the only home is
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if she its found not reasonalbe low insanity. now her parents will come face- to-face with the people on trial. >> with all the steps of grieving, i have not left anger and approximate l if i could say something to her, it would be why! >> the prosecution will seek a life sentence for her without the chance of with a rowing. >> should last eight days. menttroke -- eight days. >> st family of a murdered woman is hoping more reward money will help find the killer. 37 years back, a killer used a
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fireplace kobeer to stab her to death, they hooked for the suspect, but the case went cold. i just want to know what happen to her. she was the love of my life. >> now 10,000 thars a month will be added to the that $2,000. the detectives have exhausted all leads to the case. the police has used the latest technology and lie dedebters on witnesses. nothing yet. the reason for the killing has lasted over the years?
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but it will be two years. >> before the 10,000-dollar reward, they will have a inaccept active for anybody with information to come forward. . >> if you have information, call metro crime stoppers. that is a number that is on line, of course? a patient penitentiary to the hospital. he killed miss roommate on friday. from it was blunt force trauma. today hundreds of hunters will be out in western maryland for the start of the pear
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hadn'ting season. 343 bags could be bagged by hunt he shalls. it is came gay for the ravens. they will play in prime time against the yags. the the offense of the judgings is the last m the lead. watch the game rite here. . let's look at the forecast dop in jacksonville. here you go. . thousands have made the
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trip and getting the report about events in jacksonville. unforly we are not going to hear the weather report. the forecast today -- . some showers by the time we play the game -- . we will have more on our show, a woking book and the
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menu that will be here next week -- ,,,,,,
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. good morning. we are looking at the temperatures. some showers in the area, then by tomorrow, the front that will come down through the area and the high pressure from the
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south will build and get close to 2340eu7 the next few days. today, about 70. some showers, overnight, 48- degrees and warmer . it is getting busier out there. a look at the fence. this is the accident that is just in. that one is still there. we still have that disabled
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vehicle, object the topside, down to 39 miles per hour, stop and go on this particular shot on the west side, at old court road. here is a look at traffic. we have this interview purposed by the hall mark station. it has been a long time since we talked about coking food and most important low, enjoying it. >> in that time, you have been busy, not just a new show, but
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consulting a network television show and you write a column with your son on cooking and you have a new book out? >> it is double for me, launching the new show on hal mark and our table show and lawmpling the book, sizzling skit legals! >> do you have a copy of that. >> i had to tear it away from our studio tech. it is a great book. >> the real inspiration was about the cooking vessels that most cooks are using!
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! not just in the united states or around the world, but if you are a home cook or not, you sort of lean towards one particular coking vessel you will like. it will depend on where you are, but people are using the close cookers and a wok came in for the first time. we have these cooking vessels and we have this great recipes for the home cooks and it is not a chef cookbook, it is for all the cooks. we have
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the big boy meat balls in there. it is not those little small meat balls. give me a meet ball. you have one. you had eight pans going at one time. i'm not surprised you have one man for the whole moop -- we are all busy, the kids and family, the practices and football and ballet and music, et cetera, you know, the other inspiration is to con seps all of this coking into one man or pot, it would be great --
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. another trend, that is the fact that in restaurants around the country, you pay extra to set sit at a table where the chef is coking? is that about your new show. it is the hottest reservation on television. it started 20 years back at my first restaurant in new orleans. we put up a food bar in the kitchen. we wanted people to feel good about coming out and when i made up the no show, this inspired it. it is like a table that is like
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a bar. we got five people that enjoy the cooking experience and the private cooking lesson if it will. >> our time is running short. how do you get on the show. >> done, you have an automatic reservation. come back to our station and see us live again. >> i well, that skill let is waiting -- ,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning
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. that look at weather and traffic? >> a vehicle in a fence, watch for an accident on 543 and one more here on church lane and deprees in two lanes.
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this is backing down on the loop, on the outside loop at old court road. there is a look from disney on ice. they have more on the team. get your tickets today on disney on ice. how come. -- -- last march in a women's clothing store, she was killed and the defense is charging and the plaints are coming to not go for the path pen at teal.
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there is a medical center. he killed his rom mate op friday. the medical examiner said he today from blunt force trauma. a fuel truck hit passenger vehicle saturday night right after the southwest flight came in from orlando and in the end, no one was hurt in that incident. >> a new harm sir woman has suffer add stroke l. she will be at job pop kicks. she was medicine phakd from the out poll and she started to have gist row and ainge
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thought. more op that eat quakes in tesh ,,,,,, ♪ that aroma's coming through ♪ for the big day ahead of you morning. big day, huh?
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